Pegasus Energy Development, LLC (PED), researches, identifies, investigates, and implements opportunities in the energy industry that support current and future energy demands with a strong potential ROI. We believe today’s petroleum prices can be leveraged for the development of clean energy and accelerate payout time with the right mix of opportunities. We identify such opportunities in proven  undeveloped (PUD) oil and gas fields with proven geological confirmation. Pegasus with its resources and associates, has a collective experience of over 200 years. This year’s projects include the drilling of several vertical and horizontal wells in known and proven fields in central Texas, as well as the development of utility-scale solar farms.

PED is building a network of funding partners who share our vision, wish to join in this endeavor and profit from the ownership of strong oil and gas production and to leverage the development of utility-scale solar power for faster payout, and long term residual revenue generation.

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