About Us

Pegasus Energy Development, LLC (PED)  researches, identifies, investigates, and implements opportunities in the energy industry that support current and future energy demands with strong ROI at the lowest possible risk. We believe today’s petroleum prices can be leveraged for the development of clean energy and accelerate payout time with the right mix of opportunities. We identify such opportunities in proven undeveloped oil and gas fields. PED is building a network of funding partners who wish to profit from the today’s Oil prices and develop long term residual income.
Developing Proven UnDeveloped (PUD) Oil and Gas Fields:  PED has evaluated oil and gas development opportunities with excellent potential for a substantial ROI. The immediate opportunity is in shallow domestic oil developments that have recently been discovered and are being developed at an accelerated pace. These opportunities are particularly desirable for their relatively low risk operation. These opportunities exist at shallow depths and in proven fields with existing expertise in drilling and extraction methods.


 Developing Utility-Scale Solar Farms:
PED’s entry into the solar arena includes two 1+ Mega-Watt solar array projects in Tennessee and Texas in 2012-2014. The systems will be grid-tied to sell electricity to local utility companies at PPA negotiated rates. Solar ventures may be matched with oil and gas ventures to accelerate payout for our valued partners who choose to participate in both (solar and oil & gas).    Register




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